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Our health guarantee allows five working days after your team's return home for the dog to be checked out by your own veterinarian. We guarantee him to be free of parasites and in good health. Patrol/Dual Purpose dogs will be X-rayed and found clear of hip dysplasia. Drug dogs will be clear of crippling hip dysplasia.

We guarantee the dog's work for one year on the street. We believe that any handler actively working and doing proper upkeep training with his dog should identify any problems well before the year is up. If a problem arises which cannot be worked out, the dog will be replaced with another dog of equal value and training. After this time period, should a problem arise we will deal with each case on a individual basis. Our reason for the time limitation is that _most_ problems are due to improper upkeep or lack of upkeep training after the dog is on the street. We want to identify these probelms as soon as possible and correct them. If there is a true problem with the dog, not created, rest assured that we will work with you through training or replacement.

We will consider any reasonable request of additional terms to the guarantee.

We realize the importance of a productive K-9 unit to a department and the investment put into it. It is of the utmost importance to us that your handler and dog work well together as a team. We feel our reputation is on the street with each dog we place - the department can count on our suport after the sale of the dog.

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