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K-9 Concepts's Instructor's Course is geared towards teaching you to train dogs in the area which you are interested. We take no more than two students at a time in order to guarantee the maximum amount of hands-on training possible for the amount of time spent here.

We have classroom instruction for theory and health care. We also have a large collection of books and video tapes available for your use while you are here, but most of what you will receive will be hands-on training and instruction. All courses are geared toward the individual needs of the student, whether you are interested in all areas or prefer to concentrate on one area. We train for obedience, protection, narcotic detection, and all facets of patrol work.

The amount of time you will need to spend here will depend on your prior training experience and exactly what you wish to learn. The course is a minimum of one month. Most people stay between one and three months.

You will handle several of the kennel dogs at different stages of training. You would be allowed to bring a personal dog to work while you are here.

When your course is completed, you will receive a certificate stating the number of hours of training received and exactly what was covered.

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