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[Course Outline]
I. Classroom Instruction

A. Dog's Sense of Smell
B. Terminology
C. Basic Introduction of what will be covered in Course(Additional classroom work will be done as each new phase is introduced).

II. Evaluating the present performance of dog and handler

III. Training Records

IV. Obedience Evaluation and Training

V. Basic Safety Considerations

VI. Basic Detection Training

A. Scent Association
B. Primary Rewards
C. Improving Indication Skills
D. Secondary Rewards

VII. Search Strategies

A. Preparing the dog to search
B. Body Rhythm
C. Building Search Strategies and Patterns
D. Vehicle Search Strategies and Patterns
E. Luggage and Packages
F. Open Area Searches
G. Air Currents

VIII. Scents other than what dog is trained to find

A. Adding additional scents
B. Scent saturation problems
C. Residual Alerts

IX. Training for Distractions

A. Corrections
B. Negative Aids
C. Food
D. Females in Heat
E. Exposure to Different Places and Circumstances

X. Vehicle Searches, on Highway

XI. Maintaining the Training (Upkeep)

XII. Scent Preparations

A. Pseudo Scents
B. Pills
C. Contamination

XIII. Certification Training

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