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Patrol work includes the dog being trained for advanced off leash obedience, agility, tracking, building search, area search, article search, handler protection and criminal apprehension.

We deal mostly in Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. We are occassinally able to locate quality German Shepherds that pass our selection tests, though they do tend to usually run a bit more expensive. Our patrol dogs are generally titled, European imports with at least two years of training. We train with them for an additional twelve weeks, teaching them building searches and tracking. We also work them in many different scenarios, exposing them to as many situations as possible, which they may actually encounter on the street. The dogs are trained with the use of a body suit, hidden sleeve and muzzle. We also teach tactical entries into buildings, as well as outside when approaching someone known to be in a place of hiding. We train the dog to be quiet while a K-9 warning is being given, so as to be able to hear what is happening inside a building and in case someone wishes to give up. We then teach the dog to bark on command so that there is no doubt as to the dog's presence.

We will help the department with the selection of their handler and will keep them posted as to his progress and suitability. During the course the handler will be shown how to begin neutralization to gunfire for his safety and the safety of other officers should there be an exhange of gunfire. Once the dog has completed his training, the handler will go through an intensive handler's course (minimum of two weeks) with his new partner. Any capable handler desiring extra time will be given that time at no extra charge.

After the handler's course the sale includes ten days of follow up training during the first year after the sale of the dog. This may be used as the handler sees fit (once a week, once a month, or one or two weeks at a time). The only restrictions are that this time may not be used during a seminar or for the transfer training of the dog from one handler to another.

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