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I. Basic Bonding

A. Learning Foreign Commands
B. Basic Handling of the Dog
C. Health Care and Maintenance

II. Leash Handling Techniques

A. Basic Obedience
B. Agility Course
C. Confidence Course (Fire escape, Jumps Inside Building)

III. Muzzle Work

A. Basic Apprehension
B. Advanced Problems
C. Passive and Aggressive Apprehensions

IV. Tracking

A. Training Tracks
B. Felon Tracks

V. Area Search

A. On Lead
B. Yard to Yard
C. Obstacles
D. When to use Off Lead
E. Officer Safety

VI. Article Search

A. Basic
B. Advanced

VII. Building Search

A. Basic Control
B. Tactical Building Search
C. Officer Safety

VIII. Vehicle Work

A. Suspect Stops
B. Fleeing Suspect
C. K-9 Staying in Vehicle
D. Non-compliance
E. Non-fleeing
F. Non-combative

IX. Crowd Control

A. Handling Technique
B. Short Range
C. Long Range

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