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K-9 Concepts offers handler courses geared to working with the dog handler and previously trained dog. This may be an orientation class for a new handler with an experienced dog or for a team in which both dog and hanlder are experienced, but would like refresher training and advanced work scenarios.

The recommended class time would be two weeks for a single purpose narcotic or patrol dog and three weeks for a dual purpose dog. It is possible to set up retrainer classes for a shorter period of time if necessary.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion for the course, stating what was covered and how many hours were attended. Many states recognize these courses for credit hours (i.e. TCLOSE in Texas).

In the case of narcotics dogs, it is usally possible to set up a certification with an independent national organization when training is complete.

Course Outlines: Patrol Dog Training, Narcotic Detection Training

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