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K-9 Concepts, Inc. is a Police Dog Training Center specializing in all facets of patrol and narcotic detection dog training. Established in 1986, owned by Jack and Sheree Robicheaux, K-9 Concepts recently relocated to its new training center in Broussard, Louisiana. Broussard is a suburb of Lafayette just 100 miles west of New Orleans. K-9 Concepts has over 300 certified teams working across the country. They offer trained patrol and narcotic detector dogs for sale at competitive prices. Included in the price of each dog is the handler's orientation course. Also available is training for any suitable prospect owned by a department or individual. Instructor Courses as well as Training courses are available for handlers with dogs which are already trained. A yearly seminar is sponsored by K-9 Concepts and Mr. Robicheaux is available to go to your location to conduct a seminar. Call us at (337) 837-2519.
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